Clorox Healthcare Fuzion Cleaner Disinfectant

  • MFG Number: 31478
  • ISC Number: CL-31478
Safety Data Sheet

Now you can use bleach in more places than ever before. Clorox Healthcare Fuzion combines the trusted efficacy of bleach with excellent surface compatibility and low odor. Fuzion uses a revolutionary technology that delivers fast kill times with a neutralizer that breaks down the bleach to minimize residue and odor.

A next-generation bleach product that kills C. difficile spores in 2 minutes, has broad surface compatibility for everyday use, and has a low odor that disappears within minutes.

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  • SPEED: Kills C. diff spores in 2 minutes (the fastest contact time available)
  • SURFACE COMPATIBILITY: A neutralizer breaks up the bleach within minutes, leaving little to no residue. Now you can use bleach in more places to kill C. diff
  • LOW ODOR: Light bleach odor disappears within minutes. Tolerable for both patients and staff
  • EFFICIENT: Advanced trigger technology designed to cover more surface area with each spray, with less force required to activate the trigger

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