Concrete Prep®

  • MFG Number: 581505
  • ISC Number: 890553

Concrete Prep is a ready-to-use hydrochloric acid-based formula featuring a unique corrosion inhibitor. Spartan Concrete Prep is designed to effectively accomplish proper etching. Use on old concrete to remove organic material, rust, stains and soil. Use on new concrete to remove laitance, a weak surface layer generally present on new and frequently on old concrete. Spartan Concrete Prep contains a special corrosion inhibitor to help prevent flash rusting of metal objects such as steel support beams, large pieces of equipment, file cabinets, rails, etc. that cannot be removed prior to etching and sealing. For best results, normal procedures for protecting metal surfaces should be taken since metal corrosion inhibitors do not eliminate acid fumes.

Case Pack: 1 x 5 gal

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