Dispenser Carousel (Also Works with EasyNap)

  • MFG Number: SSC3

Three dispensers can be circled together on a rotating base. A quick twirl and your customers can get the cutlery or napkins they need (one at a time, of course).

Works with… Any 3 SmartStock® dispensers (Classic, Mini or Auto) or 2 SmartStock cutlery dispensers + 1 EasyNap tower dispenser* For Classic 120 Dispensers, requires 24.9” diameter space. *Dispensers Not Included. *When using the carousel with an EasyNap tower dispenser, an additional mounting bracket (Part # 54224) and triangle (Part #54228) are required – these parts are available at no charge by calling 1-866-HELLOGP (435-5647).

Case Pack: 1 each

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