H217_bamboo gripper.tif

Handle 60″ Clamp Style Bamboo

  • MFG Number: FGH217000000
  • ISC Number: RB-H217

Invader® Side Gate Wet Mop Handle, Large Black Plastic Head, Bamboo Composite Handle

  • Bamboo Composite Handles – Bamboo fibers are ten times stronger than wood fibers. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource with a short growth cycle of 5 years. Core is recycled hardwood.
  • Recycled Head – Made from 100% post- industrial polypropylene. Polypropylene is resistant to acids, bases and solvents and makes and excellent mop head. (On the Gripper and Invader skus.)
  • Variety – Handles work with 1 inch or 5 inch headband and all dust mop frames.
  • Performance – Bamboo composite handles with recycled hardwood core provides top notch performance in strength and durability versus standard handles.
  • Invader® Side Gate Handle’s thumb wheel clamps the mop firmly in place; should be used with 1″ headband mops

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