• MFG Number: 007505
  • ISC Number: 831874

NAD-75 is specifically formulated to remove water-based and polymer floor finishes, including metal interlocked detergent-resistant finishes which normally require an ammoniated stripper for removal. NAD-75 has been formulated with MEA, a chemical compound which unlocks the metal interlock in detergent-resistant floor finishes, permitting both the finish and soil to be suspended in a detergent solution for ready removal. NAD-75 is formulated with low foaming wetting agents, permitting the user to use this in conjunction with automatic scrubbers. NAD-75 dilutes economically for all stripping requirements, in addition to saving the user time and labor. NAD-75, in addition to being an excellent stripper, is an economical and highly-effective industrial cleaner. NAD-75 may be used in conjunction with pressure sprayers and steam cleaning equipment. Please note: Because of the high alkalinity of NAD-75 we do not recommend this product to be used as an all-purpose cleaner; for example, walls, windows, etc.

Case Pack: 1 x 5 gal

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