• MFG Number: 307204
  • ISC Number: 831709

Spartagard is a non-flammable fluorochemical base concentrate designed to provide total carpet protection. Spartagard protects carpet fibers against penetration of water and oil-based spills — helps prevent unsightly spots and set stains which mar carpet appearance. Coffee, cola, alcoholic beverages, wine, ink, medicines, urine, and greasy residues from pop­corn, salad dressing, mustard, pizza, gravy, and other foods are held in suspension on carpet surface and easily blotted up with a clean cloth.Spartagard retards the penetration of water and oil-base spills and suspends dry soils for easy removal. Routine vacuuming is, therefore, much more effi­cient and the possibility of fiber abrasion caused by embedded grit is minimized. Spartagard maintains and extends the original beauty and durability of carpeting and the need for frequent shampooing is greatly reduced. The end result: carpets look better longer.

Case Pack: 4 x 1 gal

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